A big change is coming….

I’ve been pretty radio silent on my social media recently. And this poor blog has been woefully neglected all year — literally my last post was celebrating the new year, and I even have a drafted post about some of my work from January that I literally FORGOT to finish…..even though the concept of the post was all about just finishing something and not pursuing perfection. Ha! The universe is funny sometimes.

Aside from being pretty busy with my day job, I’ve been mulling over the purpose of Zen & Zin and whether I want to keep pushing forward with it. Some things haven’t been working for me and I felt like I’d painted myself into a corner creatively and artistically. I haven’t felt I was accomplishing what I set out to do when I originally created Zen & Zin. The name doesn’t resonate with me anymore either, as it’s reflects a different time in my life that is so different from my life now.

So, I’ve taken a bit of a break, without guilting myself the whole time for not posting and sharing content, and really allowed myself to step away. Because of that, I’ve developed a pretty decent idea of what I want my platform to be about and what I want to offer moving forward.

I think most of you are really going to like it! There’s still going to be plenty of Zentangle related things, but I want to incorporate some of my other interests–mandalas, watercolor, lettering, outdoorsy things, cooking and baking, and a slew of other meditative and creative practices. I see a big change happening in my life over the next 1-2 years, which will allow me to get back into some of my other creative pursuits as well, and I want to share those with you too when the time comes!

So, stay tuned! I hope to re-launch officially in the beginning of 2022 and I’ll try to share some tidbits here along the way!

And I hope you’ll consider the text in the image above – taking a break, from anything, is not unproductive. Sometimes it’s the most productive thing you can do in the long run!

Be well!

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