Finding a Rhythm, Even When The Beat Is Off

Hello from my safe haven to yours. I hope you are staying sane, healthy, and positive! And if you’re not, feel free to let me know. I am happy to be a sounding board or to keep you in my thoughts and send positive vibes your way.

We’re about 10 or so weeks into *this* and I feel like I’m starting to finally find a groove, or at least some contentment. That doesn’t mean I’m not internally freaking out on the regular, but at least that’s become a little bit more predictable and I can see it coming.

My Tangle Mashup – Diva Dance/Guordgeous AKA Guorgeous Diva or Dancing Guordgeous.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been truly relieved to have my Zentangle practice to fall back on and have an outlet for creativity. I’ve also still been baking like crazy, but it’s a more physical thing for me to do that feels productive, which is nice!

I’ve been playing a lot more with materials I don’t use on a regular basis. My Sakura Gelly Rolls are having their moment in my household. I have white ones, pastel ones, Moonlight, Moonlight Greys, Neon, Souffle. Funnily enough, I don’t have a single black one! But, I have a wide variety, collected over the years, so it’s about time I put them to good use!

A sampling of my rather large Gelly Roll collection

Having discovered how many of these things I have, not to mention the surplus of other random art supplies, I thought it would be a good idea to use up what I have and really pair down my art supply cache. Using the Marie Kondo adage “Does it bring you joy?” – I have to really consider which of my art supplies I am using, which ones I need. If I’m not using them, why? Is it because I don’t like them? Or, do I just not use that kind of media? Things to ponder in this day and age!

So, I am going to use up what I have – what doesn’t get used will get donated or given away to friends and family, to hopefully bring them joy instead! 🙂

A Dancing line of Guordgeous!

Back to my point of finding a rhythm. Using these Gelly Rolls has somewhat opened the flood gates for me. Because I’m “playing” with them, I have allowed myself to just go with the flow. I don’t try to make something extravagant or amazing (which I usually try not to do, but, hey, I’m human!).

And what’s come of it is a little bit of an obsession with this thing I call a Tangle Mashup – where I combine the techniques or key pen strokes of the patterns Guordgeous and Diva Dance. It’s so fun! And oh so relaxing.

The neons make it a little blinding, eh?

Doing these tangles over and over have allowed me to find that zen-ful rhythm every time I sit down. And, each time, something new and wonderful happens! A little curve there or a little orb there completely changes the entire composition!

This is obviously the same across all Zentangle pieces, right? But it never ceases to amaze me the world of possibilities in just a simple little line of ink.

I’m really excited for the next month as I get to introduce a new group to the Zentangle Method! My online class at Madison College starts next Tuesday and I can’t wait to meet my new students. I am also creating fun content for my Patrons.

There’s still time to register for my Madison College class – and you don’t have to be in Madison, since it’s online! You can also work with what materials you have at home, so there’s no need to go out and buy more if it’s not possible for you.

And, of course, you can sign up for Patreon at any time and get access to all the previous months’ content! I just finished publishing May’s content and I released a class on using small marks or tangle patterns as TEXTURES! SO FUN!

Don’t feel blue!

What’s your current favorite tangle obsession? Or, have you found another fun hobby to keep you in rhythm during this time? Leave a comment below to let me know 🙂

Until next time!



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  1. The combination of gordgous and diva dance was super fun to do in black and white. Now I’m going to try the color version of it. You’ve hit on a winner you have. Thanks

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