A Series of Unfortunate Events…

Hi friends,

I wanted to send out a quick update about my Skillshare classes. I received a few replies this weekend about my links not working.

Turns out, Skillshare has deemed my classes no longer worthy – they no longer meet their guidelines. I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what guidelines they don’t meet, so I’m sure you can understand why I am devastated.

Unless a drastic change occurs in their communications with me, I’ll likely be moving to a new platform to bring you my classes instead of investing time in something that may not even fit their new requirements.

Do you have a preferred platform? Give me your feedback, I’m all ears to ideas!

Thanks for sticking with me! If you care to send me a note or leave a comment I could sure use a pick-me-up!


2 Replies to “A Series of Unfortunate Events…”

    1. Ugh, that is definitely unfortunate! I am sorry! I am so disappointed myself- I promoted the heck out of their service. I have looked into Teachable, I’m just not crazy about their platform and pricing options. I think I have a good idea of what I want to do, just ironing out some details šŸ™‚

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