How it Works

How do Zen and Zin Parties work?

We bring the Zen, you bring the Zin!

Zen and Zin Parties provides all the materials needed to create Zentangle art. As a host, you want to make sure to provide comfortable seating (preferably at a table, or several tables). You also provide any snacks, meals, and beverages for your guests. We say BYOB a LOT, so encourage your guests to bring a bottle to share!

You need at least 9 guests, including yourself, in order to run a party. Some of the “Varietal” parties have smaller minimums, but we definitely want to make sure each Varietal party guest has previous Zentangle experience (preferably the Premiere Party we offer).

Each party has several hours of instruction and 99% hands-on for the party guests! There will be breaks throughout to get drink refills and to give your hands a break.


So, you’re interested in a party but have some lingering questions? Here’s some FAQs to help you out! And, never hesitate to send a message and ask more! I love answering questions!

How do parties work? How do I get in on one? Parties are private, take place in the host’s home (or any environment they prefer), and the host is in charge of inviting who they want. Zen and Zin will never invite other people to your party.

How do I get invited to a party? If you don’t know anyone hosting a party, you can host a party yourself! If you’re unable to have 10 of your friends in your home, there are alternate “venues” like coffee shops and event spaces that might work! Ask Zen and Zin if you’re looking for a space, we can hopefully help you find one.

Do I have to pay for everyone? There is a $100 deposit required for your party. Once we have booked your party you will be sent an invoice via PayPal. When at least 5 of your party-goers have purchased their tickets, you will be refunded the deposit. You can also choose to pay for your party-goers’ tickets.

What do I have to do as a host? Setting a theme is fun! We also recommend that you have comfortable seating with solid surfaces for people to do their Zentangle on. You’re also in charge of inviting people. We bring the supplies and the instruction and take payment, so you don’t have to worry about any of that!

As a host, do I get anything special? Yes! If you get 10 friends to register for the party, you are eligible for Host Perks!

Does Zen and Zin supply the wine? Parties are BYOB, so you’ll bring your own wine!

What if I don’t drink wine? You can do whatever kind of beverage you want! You can do a theme party, like a tea party, mimosas, hot cocoa, margaritas, raw juice bar, the ideas are endless! It’s your party, do it your way!

So…what are you waiting for? Book your party now!